Drenched Fur 14 Massage Information

Chest Massage

As we get closer to the DF14 run, we are proud to once again offer up the opportunity for attendees to enjoy a relaxing and much needed massage. We're proud to announce that we will have two professional massage therapists this year. We're excited to have both Q and Walter return this year!

The time slots for booking during the weekend are a guideline based on attendees enjoying the activities we are providing for the run; approximately Thursday evening 7:30pm-10pm, Friday 9am until 5pm, and Saturday 9am until 5pm. And of course, booking a massage is based on availability. 

This year's service times are based on one hour increments. Adding time may be possible, but be sure to ask for details. Also, as we have done in past years, part of the massage fees will be donated to this year's charity focus.

Below are the massage services being offered, costs and the e-mail contact information. Make sure you get in touch with Michael and Walter to book your massage now to enjoy during Drenched Fur before all of their available time slots are filled up!

Massage by Walter   

E-mail: massagebywalter@gmail.com  

Phone: 412.716.1999

Website: facebook.com/massagebywalter

Q's Mobile Massage

   E-mail: massagebyq@gmail.com

Cell: 614.706.7568

Growlr/Scruff: QLMT

Website: Qsmobilemassage.com

Walter Massage Image           Michael Massage Image
Full Body Massage                               $50 per hour  
Full Body Massage                            $50 per hour 

Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage

PA License MSG008339

Deep Tissue, Swedish, or Sports Massage

OH License 33.022904