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If you sell bear-related merchandise or offer a bear-related service, would you want to pass up an opportunity to market to 250+ bears, cub, admirers and beyond? Having a table at the during our Vendor Market provides you with the best promotion money can't buy.

Requests for vendor space begins January 18th 2018 and must be received before February 14th 2018. Requests for space with ad in run guide/book must be received before March 21st for assurance of ad placement to be in the Drenched Fur Run Guide.

The Vendor Market will have several time frames taking place over the DF weekend. The estimated vendor time slots are:


12p-4p          Vendor Market Set-Up

  4p-9p          Vendor Market Kick-Off Deals


10a-2p                Vendor Market 

  6p-8p          Vendor Market


10a-2p                Vendor Market 

  6p-8p          Vendor Market


 9a-11a         Vendor Market Closing Deals [open to the public]

 11a-2p         Vendor Market Teardown

Each vendor space includes a minimum of one table and two chairs.  There may be additional tables available, upon prior request, but space is limited.  If your request for additional tables cannot be honored, you will be notified in advance.  Additional chairs, up to two per table, are available without charge. For those vendors requiring the use of an electric outlet, we will do our best to meet the needs as designated with the form submission below on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note the following:

1) There are limited number of vendor slots for the run weekend. These slots are filled on a first come basis upon approval by the run committee and due to change at any time prior to and during the run weekend. 

2) Each vendor is provided a maximum of two attendee spots per business/entity. More vendor attendees may be possible with committee approval; please request full personnel numbers in the application below.

3) Obtaining vendor space does require two items:

     a) A security deposit equaling $25 for each table/space to be utilized by the vendor; paid with run registration. Ex. Vendor 'X' wants three tables - their security deposit will be $75. Security deposits are returned upon conclusion of run activities on Sunday April 15th, 2018 at committee discretion. Vendors forfeit deposit by not setting up/attending. Security deposit refund requests are handled by the DF Committee on a case-by-case basis. 

     b) Each approved individual vendor staff member requires one paid Drenched Fur Run Package. Each Run Package includes the Splash Lagoon private event and are made available for a reduced reg price regardless of the timeframe the vendor is accepted by the DF Committee. Vendor discount codes supplied upon approval with instructions for registering.

4) Merchandise for, or tickets to, or any other item that promotes any event that is not specifically related to Drenched Fur will not be allowed without prior approval from the DF Committee.  

5) The use of any Drenched Fur insignia, logos, name or likeness is strictly forbidden. Interest in the use of such items as part of vending requires approval from the DF Committee in advance.

6) The DF Committee reserves the right to refuse vendor space to any person or organization if any merchandise, ad, flyer, or promotional item is considered illegal, tasteless, profane or inflammatory towards any person, persons, club, grouping, organization etc. The Host Hotel reserves the right to request the run committee make changes to vendor market as deemed necessary. No refund will be issued for any fees paid.

7) Review the Vendor Agreement details located at:


If you're interested in being a vendor at Drenched Fur this year, please fill out the form below. The run committee will contact you within the current month of submission after reviewing the Vendor Application. 

Demographics/Contact info
Info about you and how we can get in contact you.
Please enter your vendor business/entity name.
Please enter a brief description of your main vendor business/entity supply line. Examples: apparel - shirts/underwear/singlets/kilts/hats, candles, art, etc.
Table Request and Security Deposit Info
Details of this particular vendor request; number of tables/space is approximately 6 feet by 6 feet. Vendor Security Deposit is $25 per table/space requested. 1 table/space = $25, 2 tables/spaces = $50, 3 tables/spaces = $75, 4 tables/spaces = $100.
We will do our best based on overall vendor spacing and requests.

Security Deposit payment for approved vendors will be made during run registration after committee approval for vendors. More details will follow later in approval announcement communication.

Personnel Request Info
Please select the number of individuals that will be vending for your business/entity during DF14. Note: Each approved vendor includes two reg spots with possible additions after committee approval. Maximum 4 individuals per approved vendor/entity.
Requests higher than 2 will require committee review/agreement [which will be communicated upon vendor approval].

Payments for vendor regs will be made after approval of vendor request.

To help the Drenched Fur Committee determine placement and involvement with the run, please provide a reference about your past experiences with vending at an event that IS NOT Drenched Fur. If this is your first time vending, please fill out the fields below with details for the committee member or person that referred you to being a vendor at Drenched Fur. DF Committee members may contact your listed reference for experience and background information during the approval process.
Reference for event(s) where you have vended before.
Name of the referenced business or entity in the event named above.
First and Last name for reference contacted above.
Referenced contact phone number.
Email address for contact referenced above.
Vendor Agreement